Symptoms due to dehydration

Muscle cramps  

Electrolytes are essential in muscular movement. Lack of electrolytes would cause muscle cramps, dizziness, irregular heart beat, nausea, dyspnea, among other symptoms. People with frequent outdoor or muscular activities require special attention to the adequate supplement of electrolytes


Thirsty and Dehydration

Lack of electrolytes disables the control of body fluid causing the thirsty and dehydration that could evolve to the malfunctioning of immune system of human body. Anyone who continues to feel thirsty and dehydrated despite the sufficient consumption of water, should suspect the lack of electrolytes in his or her body.


Chronic fatigue (+ nerve system disorder)

Electrolytes function in nerve stimulus system. Lack of electrolytes can cause fatigue, dizziness, lethargy and headache. Especially chronic fatigue could affect the body and spiritual conditions that could lead to depression, insomnia and bipolar disorder 

Change in blood pressure 

Potassium functions to balance the blood pressure level and discharge wastes in the body. Lack of electrolytes in the body could cause the unstable blood pressure

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