6 facts about hydration and weight loss

Trying to lose weight can feel like an uphill battle, and the latest diet and exercise regime may not be helping. Often, we only look at the food we’re eating and ignore the other major part of our diet: the fluids that keep us hydrated.

Why “8 glasses per day” isn’t the answer

How much water you should drink varies by your size, activity level, and more. While studies conflict, here are the guidelines most agree upon.

8 glasses is not the answer

Why water alone is not always enough for hydration?

when our bodies are put under pressure by intense exercise or illness, we lose more than water. We also lose electrolytes, . For those with active lifestyles, proper hydration takes more than just water.

The 12 best sources of electrolytes

You eat, drink, and lose electrolytes every day. These charged minerals are found in the water inside your body, and are essential for nerves to fire and muscles to contract.