Our Story

3RINK recognized that it is important for professional sports athletes to drink water to improve their usual performance, and it has been presented through a long study with experts from all walks of life. The 3RINK research team, consisting of a Ph.D. in sports nutrition, a national physical trainer, and a professional sports player, is very important in supplying electrolytes to quickly resolve dehydration of professional players, and applied it to the general public to develop products. 3RINK, which was born in this way, contains three times more electrolyte than sports drinks, and can quickly supply moisture to improve the physical function of modern people suffering from chronic dehydration and positively affect their health.


1. Drinking 3RINK is better than water alone for hydration?

 3RINK is a hydration mix that currently follows the Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) published by the World Health Organization (WHO). In addition, it is characterized by mixing ingredients such as sodium, glucose, and potassium in an optimal ratio to produce a strong osmotic effect and speed up the supply of moisture. (FDS, Fast Delivery System). Therefore, it can be said that hydration is 2-3 times faster than when drinking normal water.

2. I drink water a lot, Should I also drink 3RINK?

 It is recommended that an average adult consume 2 liters of water per day. 

 However, if you drink too much water, the sodium concentration may be diluted, resulting in low sodium. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement the electrolyte with water, and 3RINK is designed for those who need efficient hydration.

3. What is different from sports drinks?

 Both 3RINK and sports drinks are made for quick hydration. The difference is that 3RINK contains 3 times more electrolyte than sports drinks, and it has a reduced sugar content.

4.3 What role does sodium in 3RINK play? 

 3RINK uses the osmotic pressure phenomenon for fast hydration in the body. In other words, through proper mixing of sodium and sugar, osmotic phenomena occur, which leads to rapid hydration. 3RINK is currently adhering to the formulation ratio in accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for oral dehydration alleviation.

5. Is it good for your body because it has a lot of sodium? 

 The sodium in 3RINK, along with glucose, is an important factor in osmotic pressure, so it contains as much sodium as needed for an optimized effect. 

In addition, 3RINK contains 190mg of potassium, unlike other hydration products. 

 Potassium, one of the important components of the electrolyte, helps to release sodium. 

 Therefore, the sodium content of 3RINK is the optimal amount for effect, so you can eat with confidence.

 6. What is FDS? 

 FDS is an abbreviation of Fast Delivery System, and it is the know-how of 3RINK that can efficiently absorb moisture in the body due to proper magnification such as sodium, glucose, and potassium.

 7. Is it suitable for young children to drink? 

 It is safe for children. Children with high levels of activity are loose hydration with sweat and electrolytes. 

At this time, if you need fast and sufficient water intake, it is effective to give 3RINK mixed with water.

 8.Can I drink in hot water? 

Yes. You can adjust the water temperature and the amount of water (250ml-500ml) according to your preference.

 9. Is it good to drink in the morning?

During sleep, dehydration progresses by breathing, sweating, etc. That's why I get thirsty when I wake up in the morning. Therefore, if you drink 3RINK in a glass of water after waking up, you will be able to start your day much lighter with a quick hydration.

10. Should I take 3RINK after drinking alcohol? 

 Alcoholic components of alcohol cause diuresis and become dehydrated. It is for this reason that after drinking, you feel thirst and seek water. When you need this fast intake of water, taking 3RINK with water will help quench your thirst and help relieve hangovers.

11. Will drinking during exercise help? 

 Yes, it is. It is most effective to drink when you experience severe dehydration after exercise, but if you drink water with 3RINK even during exercise, it simultaneously supplies moisture and electrolytes during sweating to keep exercise performance at the highest level.

 12. Should I take 3RINK after vomiting or diarrhea? 

 Vomiting and diarrhea drain large amounts of fluid from the body, resulting in a lack of electrolytes. At this time, taking 3RINK with water can replenish moisture and electrolytes at the same time, so it will help in quick recovery.